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1984 300ZX Anniversary Edition

     I've been working on the Z for about three years now, and its come a long way. The car was my fathers, purchased new in 84, and passed along to me by my mother after the timing belt took a dump.

     I went to town under the hood, all of the sensors, hoses, fluids, gaskets, and anything else that fell apart when touched. I cleaned each part by hand, which was the only way to get 18 years of gunk off the engine. Took time, but turned out good.

     Last winter's project was to refinish the rims. Unless you enjoy enormously tedious tasks and blistering finger pains, I would recommend not doing this. They turned out really nice though, and I was careful enough to keep the orignal gold paint inside the fins.      Click here to see the Finished Rims.

     Below are some pictures of the Z, click here to see a list of the repairs I've done.

      © 2004 Dean Parke