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1984 300ZX Anniversary Edition Repairs
       Below is a list of what I've done so far to the Z. All work has been done by myself, except for a couple things that were beyond my expertise (or lack there of). Right now I'm keeping it stock, but once that's all done, I'll probably have some fun with mods! For other pictures, click here.  
  Repairs Done  
New Front Drivers seat. Found a re-leathered seat in great shape from Alabama, had it shipped on a grayhound bus to Chicago!
New center consol cover, the old one was completely worn away.
2 New wiper arms for the front windshield and one for the back windshield. The paint was worn away, and since they were cheap, I bought new ones instead of repainting.
2 new rubber flaps for behind headlights
ALL new radiator hoses, even the little ones under the plenum
New Oxygen sensor
New Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor and subharness
New Fuel Pressure Regulator
New FPR Solenoid valve
New Fuel Injectors, courtesy of a Nissan recall, whoo-hoo!
New Air Regulator
New Wiper Fluid bin
New Throttle Position Sensor
New hood shocks
New Tokico suspension. Sucks I had to replace the adjustable shocks, but you can't get them anymore. Tokicos are nice though!
New 50th AE replica floor mats (not really a repair, but still cool)
All new vacuum hoses
2 new valve cover gaskets. This was a good sized project, as the whole plenum had to come off. Click here for the images of this project!
Refinished Rims. Click here for the images of this project!
Rust was completely removed from the backend. Brand new everything, including hand fabricated quarter panels. Click here for the images and info on this project!
  Repairs To Come  
Trim around windows and door need to be painted black
New Exhaust, probably from Certified Muffler
      © 2004 Dean Parke